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Leaving the European Union is the most significant change in Britain’s policy as a country in a generation.

As we pass the 100-day mark since the end of the transition period, 10 people from across the UK tell The European Movement UK in their own words how Brexit has affected them.

The report contains stories from people affected by Brexit, from all walks of life and all parts of the country.

It also contains ten recommendation for government action that would ease the impact of Brexit on our storytellers and the millions like them across Britain. The calls to action are only small steps to relieve immediate harm caused by this Brexit deal.

The European Movement UK hopes the report will give a human face to Brexit, and shift the focus onto how we can start to build back, brick by brick, step by step.

They tell the story of a business owner whose company faces closure as he struggles to reach his customers in Europe; we hear from a classical musician unable to ply their trade; we hear from a farmer concerned about what the future holds for their farm. And many more.

These ten people are not extraordinary. Their experiences are not unique. They – the farmers, fishers, entrepreneurs, community champions and artists – are what makes the UK special and who drives our economy.

The ten people in this report, and the millions like them, face an uncertain future after Brexit. There is no quick fix for resolving their issues. But this report sets out a handful of urgent measures the government can put in place to soften the blow felt by many.

The European Movement would like to thank all of the organisations that helped us in the compiling of this report, including but not limited to the following:

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