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Scotland’s Climate Assembly welcomes observers to the sixth meeting of the Assembly on the 6th and 7th March 2021.
About this Event
Welcome to the sixth observer session of Scotland’s Climate Assembly. We hope the programme will provide an insight into the process and deliberations of the Assembly. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

This session of the observer programme will take a different form to previous sessions. This weekend, Assembly Members will be deliberating, and finding consensus in their deliberations to put forward the Assembly’s recommendations. The observer session will focus on Assembly process, and the development of deliberative procedures. This may be of particular interest to organisations developing their own procedures.

Our speakers will consider Assembly structure, the nature of deliberation, translating deliberation online and the support provided to Assembly members in such a process.

NOTE: We will not be discussing the Assembly evidence base in this session, rather we will be exclusively focused on process.

We look forward to welcoming:

• Brett Hennig, Sortition Foundation

On assembly selection and recruitment

• Kaela Scott, Involve

On facilitating remotely

• Kelly McBride, Democratic Society

On decision-making and voting procedure

• Dr Oliver Escobar, University of Edinburgh

On governance online

Sunday 4:30pm: Access details will be shared with attendees in advance of the session. You will also receive the agendas and programmes of activity for Weekend Six.

Please note:

Only those registered for the event will be able to access the live session, therefore please ensure you give the name with which you are registered when joining us on Zoom. Tickets are not transferrable. If you need to change the name on your ticket, please contact us.

More places will be opened than initially made available, so do join the waiting list if a space is not currently open. This is simply to ensure we have space for those whose first time it is observing the Assembly.

Please read the Observer Policy, which can be downloaded at this page, before attending.

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