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The history of music and the music of the history of Europe.

On HuffPost the voices of Eric Jozsef and Giorgio Stamatopoulos tell in 5 episodes the European sound and the pivotal events that have marked and united the old continent under the same great soundtrack.

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Rediscovering a common European consciousness through art. This is the mission accomplished by Eric Jozsef and Giorgio Stamatopoulos in “Rock & Europe”, the new podcast produced by Huffpost and available from Thursday 25 March. A five-episode project that was created to rediscover the origin of the authentic European sound, which has nothing to envy to the Anglo-American school.

The music of the old continent, rich in nuances yet to be discovered, is perfect for telling – even to the youngest – the history of a united Europe of the 20th century. From the first community born on the rubble of the Second World War to the fear of nuclear power, passing through the great geniuses of music who enchanted listeners in Europe and around the world with their songs.

From the music of U2, linked to the Northern Irish Civil War, to the Nena accompanying European nuclear history and the Cold War, without forgetting the great masterpieces of Kraftwerk and the biting voice of Gianna Nannini. The great music “made in Europe” plays and tells, thanks to the voices of Eric Jozsef and Giorgio Stamatopoulos, the common history of the old continent.