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What is #EuropeFutureFringe?

We are open access, European, virtual, and physical, festival of democracy, where everyone who wants to be part of the conversations about the future of our continent, especially when it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, can find a space to tell their story. We offer a platform for everyone, starting at the grassroots and moving up to the international level, to speak out about the values of solidarity, equality, inclusion, democracy, and respect, which make up the rich diversity of our continent.


Throughout the months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and meeting restrictions, we have striven to deliver a wide range of engaging initiatives, events, award schemes, discussion and debates about the future of Europe. We have brought together people and organisations from all corners of Europe, in a spirit of openness and inclusivity, and have asked for one thing only: to mention the #EuropeFutureFringe hashtag in their promotion and advocacy. As we look forward to gradual return to physical events, we will nevertheless remain focused on promoting a blended, virtual and on-site, approach, to our common actions on the future of Europe.

European Bildung Day, 8-9 May

European Bildung Day, 8-9 May

In these extreme times we need Bildung and a strong European community more than ever, and we are looking very much forward to seeing you at the European Bildung Day 2020, May 8-9 online.

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In the news

Online and offline, we want to ensure that the conversations about the future of Europe are heard as widely as possible, and are accessible and understandable to everyone. Here are our some recent articles, blogs and other stories which are united by our vision of an inclusive, democratic and sustainable Europe.