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The 12 member states that recently published a position paper on the Conference are trying to pre-empt the debate insofar as they intend to limit the agenda from the very outset. It must be reiterated that the Joint Declaration by no means excludes the possibility to discuss topics that might lead to recommendations implying treaty changes. Citizens might come to the conclusion that structural reforms of the EU are needed for which treaty change is necessary. It is important to keep the outcome of the Conference open and to neither demand nor categorically rule out treaty changes.

Without the reliable support of the Member State governments, this Conference risks failing before it even has an opportunity to begin. We want to see the Conference flourish and to go down in history as a successful and one-of-a-kind democratic experience that places the stepping stones to the change that the EU needs – together with the citizens. We regret that this is the opinion of these member state governments, and we urge the institutions not compensate and devalue the democratic principles that the Conference must follow as a prerequisite for being successful.

Read and download our email to the EP Executive Board regarding position paper 12 MS