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“Be Your Own Manager (BYOM) Academy” announces nexTus, a new innovative online music festival produced entirely by musicians in response to the global crises – April 17th – May 9th .

A classical music experience for the new normal, nexTus Festival brings together 34 performances from 60 artists based in 24 cities around the world to online audiences over four consecutive weekends starting on April 17th.

As the globe waits for a post-pandemic future, viewers will be able to travel online to the beaches of Brazil, the cafes of Vienna or the streets of Belgrade in a unique multimedia feast that will include mime, motion graphics and the art of cardistry.

The festival is designed as a fully interactive feast in which audiences can discuss the performances over a glass of wine every evening and take part in informative talks on topics such as the overlooked role of female composers and green living. (in interactive zoom meetings).

It will be an international experience, featuring performers from more than two dozen countries who all met for the first time online during the lockdowns in their countries.

The entire festival has been designed, produced and marketed by the performers themselves, helping them to learn crucial self-starter skills for what will be a radically altered music scene once the restrictions begin to be eased back.

The production is the brainchild of the music community of the Vienna-based BYOM (Be Your Own Manager) Academy founded by executive coach and leadership innovator Bernhard Kerres, which has grown rapidly during the pandemic.

“Music is not only a human right but a deeply necessary human need. Musicians from all over the world fulfil that need innovatively making it a truly unique experience,” said Kerres, the former CEO of the Vienna Concert House. “Now more than ever, musicians will have to immerse themselves in the digital world and pick up managerial skills on top of their musical expertise,” Kerres said.

The name of the festival is made up of the word “Nexus”, meaning “connection”, and the phrase “Next Us” because the featured performers are looking to the future. It will be entirely funded by ticket sales and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

The recitals for each day will be released that day at 9:00am CET Vienna time to allow audiences to enjoy them in their own time – a “create your own festival” experience. They will be available online for a week.

The performances will be based around four overarching themes: tradition, memories, loneliness and belonging. Its “lovemark” is made up of three words that sum up the BYOM community as a whole: Connection, Inspiration, Innovation.

WHAT: nexTus FESTIVAL an innovative classical music festival produced by members of the BYOM Academy WHERE: Online:                                                                                    WHEN: Four consecutive weekends from April 17th – May 9th . HOW: Festival, Weekend and Day Passes are available on the website.                                                                                                                              PROGRAMME: The inaugural nexTus Festival opens on April 17th, featuring artists from around the world in thirty-four curated concert programs as well as esteemed guest speakers, meet-the-artist events and round table conversations.

ABOUT US: The creators of the nexTus festival are members of the BYOM Academy, a rapidly growing international music community with its origins in Vienna. BYOM is a unique community in the world today based online and is led by the executive coach and leadership innovator Bernhard Kerres. The artistic committee of the nexTus Festival is a dedicated group of musicians uniting around a desire for connection and inspiration, and committing to find new ways to present music to their audiences. They focus their efforts to open conversation through various creative means while being socially distanced and restricted. The festival encompasses four overarching themes that are some of the most important topics today: tradition, memories, loneliness and belonging, leadership, green living, female empowerment and interdisciplinary innovation. The festival is based on collective effort and mutual community support, pushing the boundaries of previous standards.

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