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On the occasion of May 9, the day of the 71st anniversary of the Schuman declaration which inaugurated the community adventure, let us meet in parks, woods, meadows for pan-European picnics.

The time has come for civil society to mobilize to make its attachment to the founding values ​​of Europe, born to overcome the tragedies and totalitarianisms of the 20th century, and to reaffirm the will to change it profoundly in a Union more social and democratic. This year, Europe Day has a particular significance, with the pandemic that has made European solidarity even more necessary and for the launch, precisely on 9 May, of the Conference on the future of Europe, open to the contribution of all.

From Rome to Paris, London or Berlin, anywhere, let’s meet for a “ déjeuner sur l’herbe ” inspired by the pan-European picnic in Sopron because it shows us that when civil society gets going, it can change the course of history. In August 1989, Hungarian and Austrian activists found themselves on the meadows on the border between the two countries and were joined by thousands of German citizens of the GDR, who decided to cross the militarized border, opening the way for the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Today, while the black clouds of nationalism that recently led to Brexit still loom, we need to push for a profound transformation of our Europe, to open the horizon of a new Union, founded on the equal rights of all citizens. , which may in the future translate into a European Federal Republic.

In compliance with the anti-covid rules, we therefore celebrate the feast of May 9 with a picnic and the colors of Europe (a flag or any other symbol), and we run the images of our déjeuner with the hashtag:

#europeanpicnic – #picniceuropeo – #piqueniqueeuropeen