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Have you ever been discussing with friends about Unconditional Basic Income? Or even on a stage with opponents?

Then you may know: You sometimes leave the discussion somehow unsatisfied. This can happen when talking about future models because they are not yet real.

The project UBI4ALL now wants to let people experience UBI in real life. Thus, adding facts and real-life stories to the theoretical debates about Basic Income. And getting indications on what people would do given an income grant no strings attached. Because stories from the UBI receivers might be interesting for the press it helps accelerating the inevitable discussion – especially as long as we suffer the pandemic restrictions.

How does it work?

First of all: UBI4ALL is not a big experiment lasting several years escorted by science. It is a small pan-European project of UBI activists working honorary. The idea is simply to fund one year of Basic Income and raffle it off to someone who has registered on their website (for free, of course!). The amount is set by 800 Euro per month which approx. is the medium at-risk-of-poverty-line in the EU.

UBI4ALL has just started end of last year and its crowdfunding is not far away from the first – let us call it – European UBI. The website is available in 20 languages.

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