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Euro Babble is an online magazine written for, and by, regular EU citizens. It features in-depth investigative pieces on key under-reported European political and cultural issues.

The ECAS award celebrates cities and projects that are most friendly to mobile citizens and indeed, the idea of mobile citizenship.

It has become a platform for budding writers of all political backgrounds, experience levels, ages, and nationalities, to share their ideas or local news with the rest of the European community. We hope this encourages mobile EU citizens to get more involved in their host communities!

The EU’s strength is its diversity. But the fact that it has 24 official languages (and many more regional languages and dialects) makes it difficult for Europeans to understand each other and make common decisions.

To overcome the language barriers that usually get in the way of European unity, Euro Babble is available in multiple European languages (currently 8 – EN, FR, ES, DE, NL, PL, IT, and RU).