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9th of May is Europe Day. A day when Europe is celebrated for a key milestone of its past: the “Schuman Declaration” that after WWII called for a new form of political cooperation. Today is the day when the EU Institutions “open” their doors to European citizens.

Today, we ask you to make this day one in which European citizens celebrate the future. Today you can sign one or more European Citizens’ Initiatives. And your signature will count.

Almost everybody is ignoring the very existence of a tool already in our hands to ask the EU to do something to improve our lives: the European Citizens’ Initiative is a way in which 1 million citizens can support and send to the EU a proposal. The EU is then obliged to answer, whether accepting or rejecting it, but has to publicly explain why.

Sign now and then tell all of Europe how you celebrated Europe Day. You are making EU SIGN DAY happen.