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The EFF General Assembly 2019 at the European Parliament in Brussels

Saturday, November 14th
14:00-16:00 CET – Microsoft Teams

It has been a tumultuous year and like everyone else, the EFF has had to adapt all its activities and content formats. We were planning on holding our General Assembly in Strasbourg this year, but had to opt for a short impromptu digital format on the day we celebrate our 3rd anniversary instead.This year’s GA will provide us an opportunity to extend participation opportunities to even more people, including members, partners and those undecided but curious about us. We look forward to socialising with all partners, without the need for travel. We want to take this chance to discuss with you, how you’d like to see the EFF evolve over the coming year(s). At the same time, we understand everyone is sick and tired of webinars, so we promise to keep the event to a maximum of two hours.


  • Welcoming of new EFF members and introduction of new Team members
  • Overview of 2020 and outlook for 2021.
  • Partner presentations:
  • Presentation of Europe Future Fringe by Roger Casale, New Europeans
  • Presentation on joint-report on Digital Development Cooperation between the EU and AU by Liliana Carillo from the Institute of Innovative Governance
  • Brainstorming with members and partners on EFF service improvements and new services we could provide to partners and members for better collaboration.