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Europe deserves a forum where passionate Europeans share, debate and package ideas into policy proposals their fellow Europeans can vote on in 2024. If the Future of Europe Conference is to be that forum, the EU institutions will need to “follow up” long before the “final outcomes” are delivered, says comms expert Richard Medic on the eve of the Conference opening in an article for Voxeurop.

“Europe needs a new direction. And that direction cannot be based on old ideas. Europe needs a new thinking.” It sounds like a pitch for the Conference on the Future of Europe, but it’s a quote from former European Commission president Barroso’s State of the European Union speech in 2012. Barely a month after that speech, the EU won the Nobel Prize for Peace. It was around this time that EU policymakers, drunk on self-congratulatory shots of optimism and still high from Barroso’s call for a new thinking, spawned the “New Narrative for Europe”, a kind of weird uncle to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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