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Increasing diversity has increased the need to improve our understanding of different cultures. Evidence indicates that racism and xenophobia across UK and Europe are due to misunderstanding difference. Being culturally aware enables us to be comfortable within our own culture and recognise the contributions of different cultures and communities.

One way we do this is through training and education. Working with and learning from our training and educational programmes with our European partners from Turkey, Italy, Greece and Scotland we encourage social cohesion and integration through the celebration of our different cultures through the sharing of creative arts forms such as music, language and food.

CRAICNI and our European partners identified a need for training for trainers in cultural awareness.

On Tuesday 30th March 2021, we are delighted to be presenting with our partner organisation, MAPS, Music, Arts and Peace, Scotland, ‘Culture Shapes Values: Cultural Awareness Supporting Training through Innovation’, bringing together local and international speakers to highlight how we can use ‘cultural awareness’ to build a stronger healthier more inclusive society.

This conference will include innovative cultural training approaches and inspiring key note speakers who will highlight pioneering work in the area of cultural awareness training, event planning and creative artistic approaches to cross cultural learning and relationship building.

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