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With Pavel Havlíček, Roxanna Azimy, Dominik Kirchdorfer and Stanislas Demeestere. Hosted by Alina Drobyshevskaia and Julius Lajtha.

We face a dilemma when deciding on how to discuss the future of Europe. There are too many important issues to choose from. And we cannot leave it up to experts. Experts are specialised in their fields and often lack the sensitivity of ordinary citizens and their livelihoods. But we cannot leave it to ordinary citizens alone either. We have seen time and time again how ordinary citizens have been lied to and manipulated into decisions that were diametrically opposed to their own self-interests. Our solution? Why divide ourselves into ordinary citizens and experts? Experts are just ordinary citizens with specialised knowledge. So let us go on a journey to the future together. Citizens can be the engines and steering wheel. Experts will be the wheels and GPS. Together, we make one hell of a ride! Let’s have experts and ordinary citizens discuss the future together. How? By letting ordinary citizens ask the questions and deliver input for experts to chew on. We want you to join us with your input and drive our discussion of some of the biggest issues we are facing in Europe and the world.

Our experts and topics are:
– Security & Defence / Foreign Policy – Pavel Havlíček: Rethink.CEE Fellow with the German Marshall Fund
– Human Rights / Equality – Roxanna Azimy: Advocacy Writer, formerly with the European Commission and European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights
– The Digital Revolution – Dominik Kirchdorfer: Digitalisation Adviser for the Austrian Savings Banks Group
– Climate Change – Stanislas Demeestere: Environmental Lawyer, formerly with Schuttelaar & Partners