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What is #EuropeFutureFringe?

About us

What is Europe Future Fringe?

We are open access, European, virtual, and physical, festival of democracy, where everyone who wants to be part of the conversations about the future of our continent, especially when it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, can find a space to tell their story. We offer a platform for everyone, starting at the grassroots and moving up to the international level, to speak out about the values of solidarity, equality, inclusion, democracy, and respect, which make up the rich diversity of our continent.

Why does it matter

We live in a time when people need to be increasingly leading the debate about the future of Europe, from calls to action on climate change, equality, protection of human and democratic rights, to new ideas about how to achieve systemic changes for sustainability, to reshaping the world of work – especially as we emerge from the pandemic. Europe Future Fringe is a platform to harness the energy, imagination, enthusiasm, expertise and ideas of people, at a time of major social, political, economic, technological and health challenges, to ensure a democratic renewal of Europe.

Who should take interest?

Every person and every organisation, association, gathering of people, who care about what happens next in Europe: from their neighbourhoods to local arts and cultural projects, to campaign groups, NGOs, educational institutions, local authorities… all, who have something to say about the future of Europe and how to shape it so that it is fully socially, economically and environmentally inclusive, and leaves no one behind.

Who is making Europe Future Fringe happen?

We have come together as a joint, informal, virtual, and physical, initiative, led by European Future Forum, New Europeans and Volonteurope. We cooperate with partners and other initiatives which have an inclusive future for Europe in their hearts and minds.

EFF – European Future Forum

New Europeans


Who supports Europe Future Fringe?


Europe Future Fringe is an open acces festival of democracy where everyone who wants to be part of the conversations about the future of Europe can find a space to tell their story

Dominik Kirchdorfer

Founder & Managing Director at European Future Forum

Laura Bell

Communications Director at Volonteurope

Roger Casale

Secretary General & CEO of New Europeans

Lisa Duschek

ICT Director at European Future Forum

Povl Henningsen

President of New Europeans

Piotr Sadowski

Secretary General of Volonteurope

Avilia Zaverella

Registrar at New Europeans

Oonagh Aitken

President of Volonteurope

Furkan Sorkuncuk

Youth Worker at Volonteurope